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Traveling Somewhere New?

I have lived and traveled abroad for 13 years as a travel writer. There’s a good chance I can answer the questions on your mind.

Travel Stories and Adventures

Just for fun, here are some survival experiences and adventures from my personal travel blog.

Personalized Travel Consultations in Lexington, Kentucky

Are You Going to Travel Abroad?

You should! Start planning now. Once the pandemic is under control, airlines will be offering some amazing deals. Beautiful destinations such as Thailand and Bali will be desperate to restore tourism.

I left my job as a network engineer at IBM and began traveling the world full time in 2006. I didn’t have much help back then, so I had to learn everything the hard way. I made a lot of mistakes, but now I get to share the lessons!

As a travel coach, my job (and passion) is to help others experience the joy that international travel can bring. I love meeting with travelers here in Lexington.

Common FAQ About Travel Coaching

Why bother?

Yes, you can find information online. But speaking with an experienced person who has gone before you beats reading online articles any day.

I provide a sanity check (e.g., packing, itineraries, budget, etc) to make a trip less stressful and more memorable.

Is travel coaching a "thing"?

Yes! At least in bigger cities. I’m happy to be one of the first bringing this service to Lexington.

I have been doing personalized travel coaching in Lexington, Kentucky. Ask me whatever is on your mind!

Where do we meet?

I ordinarily meet with clients in local cafes, but for now, let’s meet online using your favorite live-streaming platform. WhatsApp, Skype, and Zoom are good choices.

What does it cost?

Our first session is up to 30 minutes and costs $50. This is usually enough time to cover everything, but I won’t click a stopwatch as long as the conversation remains productive.

Remember: Time and work goes into preparing for our meeting and notes after.

Once we have a relationship established, you’re free to ask me follow-up questions via email or schedule more time.

How Do I know If Travel Coaching is Right For Me?

Consider a travel coaching session as an essential part of travel prep.

In fact, you should speak with an expert before getting vaccinations, travel insurance, and booking flights—we can save you money!

I can provide peace of mind.

I can address your interests and concerns directly. Ask me about local scams, foods to try, safety, romance on the road, monkey attacks, or whatever you like.

I will tell you the truth.

Bloggers rarely tell you about the sandflies that were eating them alive when they posted that picture of a pristine beach.

I can tell you what life on the ground is really like where you’re going.

I meet with the parents of backpackers.

I’ve consulted with parents in the past who had kids heading out on gap years of backpacking.

I launched the website in 2007 to help backpacking travelers plan extended trips.

Southeast Asia is my specialty.

I’ve been in more than 30 countries, but I know Southeast Asia the best. If you’re heading to Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, or that area, I can turn you into a pro.

We can talk about life as a digital nomad.

If you’re considering a life on the road or are curious about becoming a digital nomad, we’ve got a lot to talk about! I’ve seen both sides of the fence (conventional job, mortgage, etc) and can demystify life as a digital nomad.

Meet Greg Rodgers

I served as a Forward Observer (13F) in the U.S. Army and worked as a network engineer at IBM in Lexington, Kentucky, for eight years. I traveled to Southeast Asia for the first time in 2006 and promptly fell in love with the culture.

These days, I split my time between Lexington, Kentucky (my hometown), and Asia. I earn my keep as a coach, travel writer, and Asia expert for

I look forward to becoming your personal travel coach and getting you on the road to adventure!

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My Approach to Travel Coaching

Schedule a Time to Meet

We will agree on a time and platform to meet up for your one-on-one session.

I happily designed a flexible lifestyle for myself, so we can choose a time best for you!


Address Any Concerns

You can optionally send me a list of topics and priorities you would like to discuss during our meeting.

But…no preparation on your part is required. We can easily have a free-flowing conversation about the place you plan to visit.

Reach Your Goals

I believe independent travel is a great way to create a better version of ourselves. I become fully invested in the success of a client’s trip.

Once we establish a connection, you can reach out anytime you get the jitters about something.

Get in Touch for Information

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