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What Is Vagabonding?

Vagabonding is about structuring your life to make traveling indefinitely possible.

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I know firsthand how quitting a corporate job, tearing down an infrastructure, and preparing for full-time travel are tough. I know; I had to hack my way through the process alone in 2005! Your right-side amygdala in your brain is going to conspire to keep you stuck in your comfort zone. You will feel afraid. When this happens, getting some live advice from a friendly human is infinitely more valuable than just reading articles and books. If nothing else, I can provide you with an honest, accurate picture of what life on the road is really like.

We can chat in person, by phone, or via video call to help you get unstuck and prepare for an exciting new life!

Why Go Vagabonding?

I believe that independent travel is a powerful tool for creating a better version of yourself. Anyone can benefit from long-term travel, especially if it is done solo. Living in unfamiliar places and working from the road full time isn’t for everyone. But if you feel as if you were forced into a conventional life to chase the “American Dream” (aka making other people rich), vagabonding may be a path to renewed health and happiness. The brain benefits of long-term travel are many.

You can return as a better version of yourself.

About Me

After 8 years working as a network engineer for IBM, I knew that the conventional life of chasing material things wasn’t for me. I exited Corporate America in 2005 and began a new life.

I’ve been living and working on the road since. You can call me one of the original “digital nomads” — I was doing this before Instagram was a thing. Today, I write, edit, freelance, and help others escape to chase their craziest dreams. I love my life!

A Few Sample Adventures

I have been trekking and climbing in the Himalayas alone. In 2016, I narrowly survived a blizzard.

I ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain! I learned a life lesson and cracked a rib (that wasn’t part of the lesson).

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

I trained as a Forward Observer in the U.S. Army. I enjoy studying survival and have been tested in tough conditions all over the world.

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