As the first episode of my brand new Adventures From the Field series, I decided to share my experience of meeting Komodo dragons in the wild on Rinca Island in Flores, Indonesia, way back in 2009.

I made my own way there and hired a guide for a very memorable experience. Labuanbajo, Rinca Island, and Komodo National Park looked a lot different in 2009 than they do now.

I’m not a fan of video work, and as you’ll see in this editing hackjob, it isn’t my forte. I get along way better with the written word, and I know on which side of the camera I belong.

But I believe the only way to grow is to face what makes us uncomfortable, and so I have stared down the lens to tell about one of my favorite adventures. I didn’t use a script or prompts.

Here’s the story of being surrounded by Komodo dragons in the wild on my blog.

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Without further ago, here are the Komodo dragons — the real stars — and me talking about them.


Life is good (when you make it so)!