Top 5 Surf Reefs in Fiji

Surf reefs in Fiji

Photo by Christian Haugen / Creative Commons

Guest Post

What’s the first place you think of when it comes to amazing surfing? If you’re from the United States, then you will most likely think of Hawaii or California. If you’re from anywhere else in the world, those spots might come to mind, but you’re also going to include Australia and Fiji. While Hawaii and California are gorgeous, and Australia offers a unique experience for any traveler, the most exotic location is Fiji.

For incredible culture, succulent food and ideal surfing conditions, you need to look into flights to Fiji before anywhere else. Now let’s take a look at the top five surf reefs in Fiji. We’ll begin with three beaches that are great options for all levels, and then cover two beaches that are best suited for experts.

Serua Rights

Serua Rights is located at the Waidroka Bay Resort; however, you can still access the beach if you’re not staying at the resort. What makes this location so interesting is that the tide changes extremely fast, which makes for unpredictable swells. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner. The waves will never get above six meters. If that’s still too big for you, simply wait until the conditions change. A great benefit to surfing here is that there’s no coral or riptides.

Natadora Beach

Natadora Beach is located outside of Natadola. To get there, take Queens Road to Maro Road and then take the westerly bridge, which leads you right to the beach. This is one of the more secluded beaches in Fiji, which makes it appealing. Another plus is that there are no hazards like coral or riptides. Just like Serua Rights, the largest waves will only get up to six meters.

Wilkes Passage

Wilkes Passage is the most popular beach on this list. That has a lot to do with it offering consistent and predictable waves all year. Since Wilkes Passage is located on Namotu Island, you will need to take a boat to get there.


For all you expert surfers out there, your first Fiji destination should be Cloudbreak. This is a well-known name throughout the international surfing community. The waves are extremely challenging because of their size and unpredictable nature. You will also find a lot of coral and plenty of riptides. To add to the adventure of this experience, you must take a boat or helicopter to get there; it’s recommended that you take the helicopter. Even though the helicopter is more expensive, you’re going to make a lifelong memory. How many people can say they took a helicopter to one of the greatest surf beaches in the world?


Hideaway is another quality option for expert surfers. The best part about Hideaway is that it’s easy to access. The beach is not called Hideaway because it is secluded; it is called Hideaway because of the proximity to the Hideaway Resort. You will find coral and riptides here, but the surfing is insane! The waves surpass six meters with ease and they ride fast. You will never want to leave!

To experience one or more of these surf reefs, you first need to find flights to Fiji. Once you book a flight, you’re well on your way to the best surfing adventure of your life.