This is not the travel blog you’re looking for. [waves hand]

A new blog…the last thing Greg needs, right…?

I mean, he barely updates his travel blog ( anymore. Well, here’s why:

Over the course of 10 years — yes, I’ll be celebrating 10 years of travel this coming January! — Vagabonding Life has evolved so many times that it has become a conundrum. The Thing That Should Not Be. Or, rather, the Thing That Should Not Have Survived.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ll still continue to put all of my adventures on Vagabonding Life. Despite the dents and dings, it’s still my travel and adventure blog.

The problem is that, what began as a way to let my family know I was still alive on my first trip in 2006, has suddenly grown in readership to an average of 1,200 people per day — around 3,000 when I post something new. On rare occasions, as must as 10 times that number when a post is trending.

By my math, when I post some new piece of rubbish, I cost the world around 15,000 minutes of productivity, assuming each reader takes five minutes to finish a post. That’s 250 hours or approximately 10.4 days.

A whopping 10.4 days of time vacuumed off this planet. Granted, a lot of that time was probably time that was supposed to be spent working. I know this because my fancy metrics graphs show that traffic really slumps on weekends and holidays — times when people are happily enjoying life away from their cubicles.

Speaking of the geometric deathtraps, that photo above is from an actual IBM facility where I installed a network. Yes, I helped build the infrastructure to trap pale people in those very cubicles shown. I’m hoping that by dedicating the last 10 years of my life to helping people escape death by cubicle, my karma will somehow be restored.

So in the end, I only feel compelled to update Vagabonding Life when I have something worthwhile to say. On the contrary, I don’t feel bad at all about the five minutes of time I just hoovered out of the world as you read this initial post.

It’s Alive!

I’m thrusting a flag into the muddy turf on this corner of the Interwebs to claim it. This will serve as my personal blog going forward. A place better suited for rambling nonsense than VagabondingLife.

No matter which blog, if any, you choose to read, I promise you this: I’ll do my best not to give you eyeball cancer. You’ll learn the mechanics of how to hate a cubicle properly, and the ins and outs of escaping one, should the need ever arise. Hell…I won’t even try to sell you an online course.

Life is good, no?