My name is Greg Rodgers. I’ve walked down that road in China and many like it. The feeling of complete freedom with a bag on your back is simply intoxicating. I’ve been exploring this world of ours since 2006, finding adventures, getting into trouble, and escaping to share the story. I don’t miss my old Corporate America cubicle one bit.

I now work as a full-time writer and photographer. My daily goal is to share with others the dream of freedom, escape, and happiness found through leading a simpler life.

This page mainly serves as my resume and point of contact. Please visit one of my travel sites:

My blog about daily vagabonding on the road


My backpacking website to help others get started

Backpacking Guide

My Borneo travel website

Borneo Travel

My Thailand tips website

Thailand tips

I am also the Asia expert for About.com


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