My name is Greg Rodgers. The photo above is a road in China, one of many, that I’ve walked alone. I’ve been vagabonding around this world of ours since January 2006, finding adventures, meeting people, developing myself, and staying alive to share the story.

I found my path to happiness. My only regret is that I didn’t begin sooner. Now, I’d like to help others to find their paths.

After a six-year jaunt in the Army and eight sticky years at IBM, I left the despair of my Corporate America cubicle in 2006 and never looked back. My conscious decision to accumulate life experience and see the world has been more rewarding than ever thought possible.

I earn my keep as a writer, editor, photographer, and hacker (the legal kind). My daily goal is to share with others the dream of freedom, escape, and happiness found through leading a simpler life. Yes, it is possible to run off into the night and never come back!

If you wake up every day and know that there must be more to life than just chasing money or making rich people richer, you’re in the right place. My other travel sites have all that you need to get started — you’ve just got to take that first step.

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